Here you will find all the code you'll need to use Dialoguer. This includes code used to initialize it, call on dialogues, change variables, and save/load the global variables state. These are the only methods you will need to use Dialoguer. It's unnecessary and unrecommended to dive any deeper into the API.
Dialoguer.cs contains all the methods and events needed to use Dialoguer.
DialoguerEvents : Events
DialoguerEvents is an object available at which contains all the events Dialoguer has to listen to.
DialoguerTextData : Object
DialoguerTextData is an object type that is passed to every Dialoguer.onTextPhase event listener. It contains vital information about the current TextPhase being served by Dialoguer.
DialoguerCallback : Delegate
DialoguerCallback is a generic delegate used in the StartDialogue methods as a callback
DialoguerDialogues : Enum
DialoguerDialogues is an enum that is generated by selecting Dialoguer > Generate Dialogues Enum in the Unity menu bar. This will generate an enum named DialoguerDialogues containing all the different names of the Dialogues you have created.