I made Dialoguer because I realized we were missing a simple solution to a complicated problem, like Unity and their recent 2D implementation. Until 4.3, 2D was complicated and annoying to work with in Unity, but their implementation made it easy and accessible, and better 2D games are emerging because of it. I'm really hoping Dialoguer drives the quality of games coming out of the Unity community forward in the same way by providing an easy-to-use Dialogue solution for a low cost, with a very small learning curve.

Dialoguer is a node-based dialogue creator and editor for Unity. Dialoguer gives you the ability to create dynamic, rich dialogues for your characters and cutscenes.

Dialoguer provides you with a rich API that allows you to create dialogue themes, create and modify dialogue variables, and save and load your variables at will. It is designed to be quick and easy, dealing with the hard work behind dialogue management, so you don't have to.
Dialoguer provides you with the tools for creating, displaying and managing a dialogue system. It deals with the nitty-gritty back-end, allowing you to focus on the look and feel of your dialogue system without having to spend too much time figuring out how to get it working.
  • Provides you with an editor for creating and managing dynamic Dialogue trees, within Unity
  • Gives you access to a very simple event-based API to play back and control the dialogues at run-time
  • Allows you to use your own skins and themes with the dialogue management system

Dialoguer is available on the Unity Asset Store for $35.

Site licenses are also available for a discounted price, contact me at tonycoculuzzi@gmail.com for inquiries.
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